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Fishing on Chickamauga Lake

Anyone who stays at a waterfront bed and breakfast likely has an affinity for nature and a love of the water. One activity our guests love is fishing! Fishing is a relaxing pastime, but provides moments of absolute adrenaline when you've got something on the hook.

Lake Chickamauga is home to a variety of fish, making it a prime fishing spot for hook rookies and seasoned anglers. Chattanooga is the perfect city to rent or buy all the fishing gear you need if you didn't get it all packed. Grab your fishing pole, pack some snacks, and get ready to spend some time relaxing on the lake.

Who can take me fishing?

Here is a list of available fishing guides nearby:
Dillon Falardeau
Scott Patton

What Types of Fish Live in Chickamauga Lake?

Fishermen come from all over the country to cast their lines for the coveted largemouth bass. Tennessee fish species are abundant!
  • Bass: largemouth, smallmouth, striped, spotted, white
  • Catfish: channel, blue, flathead
  • Crappie: black, white
  • Sunfish: green, longear, redear
  • Gar: sauger, alligator, spotted, longnose
  • Other: walleye, bluegill, warmouth, bowfin, chain pickerel

See the Chickamauga Lake fishing report for more information.

When Should I Fish Lake Chickamauga?

After looking at the healthy list of potential catches, you now need to know when you should be fishing. The summer months (June until September) can make for some good fishing, but if you aren't going about it the right way you can come up empty.

The best time of day to start your fishing adventure is in the early morning. The fish want to be comfortable, and in the summertime the water can be too warm for them, forcing them to the deeper, cooler parts of the lake to regulate their temperature. They also gather to find food, so the cool water at the shallows is a great place to land a haul. If you are fly fishing in Tennessee, this is absolutely essential.

TWRA Fishing LicenseTitle

Obviously, you can't start fishing if you don't have the right permit. If you are only fishing in Lake Chickamauga, you only need the General Fishing Package ($38 per person) since trout do not live in the lake. If you are exploring other lakes and rivers or want to catch trout specifically, you should buy the Avid Angler Package ($59 per person). 

If you have other questions about fishing licenses, make sure you check out the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agencies website to buy yourself a Tennessee fishing license.

Amenities at the Lake

Do you need a place to launch your fishing boat? Don't worry! Next door at Shady Grove Harbor, you can launch your boat as an added bonus for staying with us! If you don't want to wake up at the crack of dawn, a boat rental is a necessity if you want a worthwhile fishing experience, and having your boat accessible is the best way to do that!

Let's say you were planning to fish off the lake, but don't have everything that you need. There are plenty of fishing stores you visit to get your Chattanooga fishing on! Jack's Bait and Tackle is an excellent first stop if you need a new pole, bait, or lures. If you need to grab bait that largemouth bass eat, you'll be able to find it here.

Chickamauga Lake is the perfect place to fish for a first-timer and for a fishing veteran. The lake has plenty of amenities nearby for you to take advantage of. It offers a lot of diverse catches that will keep experienced anglers intrigued. If you love fishing, this is the place to be.

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