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Local Wineries

Wine tasting is a huge deal in Chattanooga, and for good reason! The romantic atmosphere, gorgeous scenery, and scrumptious aromas all mold together to create the perfect vacation activity for two. Thankfully for our guests, there is no shortage of wineries for you to choose from, meaning you could stop at multiple wineries during your trip!

We'll cover some of the major wineries near Chattanooga, and then move on to critical questions any newcomer would need to enjoy a wine tasting experience.

Visit a Chattanooga Winery

These are the highly-recommended vineyards near the Riverside Bed and Breakfast!

Morris Vineyard

Address: 346 Union Grove Rd NE, Charleston, TN

Sunday - Monday: 12PM - 7PM
Tuesday - Saturday: 11AM - 7PM

This cute local winery is the perfect place to experience Tennessee wine. At the Morris Vineyard, blueberry wines are a staple. You'll also find some other exclusive flavors here with a lush, green panorama to enjoy.

Lookout Winery

Address: 11848 US-41, Guild, TN

Tuesday - Sunday: 11AM - 8PM
Closed Monday

Sitting on the water's edge, you'll be able to look out (hence the name) and take in the beautiful sights of Chattanooga. They serve various homemade wines and cheeses, and you can order pizza!

Savannah Oaks

Address: 1817 Delano Rd, Delano, TN

Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 6PM
Sunday: 1PM - 6PM

If you love a little tart mixed with sweet aromas, you'll have to try Savannah Oak's blackberry wine. It's a family-owned and operated winery with a gorgeous look at the Hiwassee River.

Georgia Winery

Address: 6469 Battlefield Pkwy, Ringgold, GA

Monday - Saturday: 10:30AM - 6:30PM
Sunday: 12:30PM - 6:30PM

Cross the border to Georgia and you'll find a family friendly winery for tours of all ages. On family friendly tours, you can have a taste of nonalcoholic juice, which is fun for families with kids.

Wine Tasting for Beginners

Wine isn't everybody's expertise–here's what you need to know for your day trip.

How does wine tasting work?

After you have set a reservation for your wine tasting tour, you should arrive at your scheduled time.

Things to Avoid at a Wine Tour

1. Overdrinking
You don't want to get drunk at a wine tasting (this isn't a college party on finals weekend). You just want to take time to enjoy the aromas and flavors of each drink that is passed to you. Know your limits, and spit your wine into designated containers when necessary.

2. Don't wear fragrance
Smell is an important part of tasting, so if you choose to wear a strong cologne or perfume, you may be drowning out half of the wine tasting experience. Not good.

3. Don't take it TOO seriously
Unless you are a sommelier, you shouldn't take your wine tasting excursion too seriously. Don't act snobbish or cocky about the wine, but do share your opinion when asked what you think.

4. Starving yourself
Eating some food can make you less susceptible to the alcohol itself. Make sure you eat food available at the wineries or before you attend.
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Frequently-Asked Questions

1. How much do you drink at a wine tasting?
Most people drink around 25 ounces of wine when they attend a wine tasting, in order to get through the tasting without blacking out, you'll probably have to spit out a few of the wines. Don't worry, this is standard.

2. What should you wear when going wine tasting?
Wear comfortable clothes that are presentable. You don't have to go all-out fancy for a wine tour, but you shouldn't be arriving in sweats.

Men should wear a button down shirt with a collar and can wear any well-kept jeans or shorts. Women can wear a light dress, jeans, or a nice shirt.

3. Can you go wine tasting in the winter?
Not only can you go wine tasting, it may be a better decision for you to go when it's chilly outside.
Different types of wine are on offer, fewer people attend, allowing you to have the tour to yourself.

4. Can you go wine tasting while pregnant?

Because spitting out your wine is fairly common practice, some women may wonder if they can participate in a wine tour while pregnant.

Because alcohol is absorbed by your mouth before you actually drink wine, you should NOT go on a wine tour until your child is born.
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You're now fully equipped to visit any of the wineries near Chattanooga! Enjoy your experience, and au revoir!

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