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The Chattanooga Zoo

The Chattanooga Zoo is the perfect summer activity. The zoo houses numerous species of animals in different sections of the zoo. Camels, giraffes, alligators and apes all live there and love it. People applaud the unique ways you can interact with them. One standout activity will get you involved in feeding a baby giraffe yourself! 

The Chattanooga Zoo offers an uplifting, structured experience to compliment your relaxing waterfront vacation.
While you are exploring the nature around you, check out wildlife from around the world right here in Tennessee!

General Information

  • Address: 301 N Holtzclaw Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37404
  • Phone: 423-697-1322

  • 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Note: The park is closed on major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.

  • Prices fluctuate according to time of the week and whether the tickets were purchased online or in-person. For example, weekday tickets are cheaper than weekend ones.
  • Adults - $12.95 - $16.95
  • Seniors (65+ years) - $10.95 - $14.95

Membership Plans
Chattanooga Zoo offers a variety of plans that  fit anyone's needs. Buying a membership is perfect for people who live close to Tennessee but is not necessary for one-time vacationers.

Upcoming Events

The Chattanooga Zoo hosts annual activities throughout the year, giving your visits a slight twist. Here are some of the fan favorites you can enjoy!

Boo at the Zoo
  • October If you want to come to the zoo later, this is the event to attend. Running from 4-8 p.m., you'll see animals creeping about at night. There are costume contests, trick-or-treating and spooky decorations littering the park.   

Spirits in the Wild Chattanooga Zoo
  • May Annual music-filled night of stars, conservation and drinks. Come learn about animals and make some new friends!   

Hug a Bunny
  • Spring and Easter

As a sort of Easter celebration, the zoo brings bunnies into the park. 


The Zoo is highly rated on both TripAdvisor and Google Reviews. Here are a few:

"This zoo is small but DENSE. Plenty to look at and learn. Even the day after Christmas had a good crowd and most of the exhibits were open. Watching the feedings, petting the goats, or riding the camels will leave lasting memories. Not a place you just go once!" - Joe Arrigo

"I took my 2 year old grandson and he loved it. Oh the excitement and stories he has been telling!! The giraffes, monkeys and camels were his favorite. Great morning out!! Definitely go see the animals and create some priceless memories." - Wendy Skates.

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